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Leaf Springs

Bineet Auto is involved in the design & manufacturing of leaf spring assemblies start from conceptual stage to manufacturing. One of the strength of Bineet Auto is its design capabilities to start from scratch for any kind of new vehicle applications and value engineering projects for regular running parts. In the recent years we shared the profits with many of our customers for the value engineering parts.
Leaf Springs - A leaf spring is a beam of cantilever design to absorb deflection under load. Mostly used in passenger and commercial vehicles as part of the suspension that connects the vehicle’s wheel base & chassis – high criticality in terms of safety of the vehicle

We uses a variety of material grades for the manufacture of springs. Some of the common grades used are BSS EN45A, EN 47,I.S. 65 SI 7, JU-SUP 9, SUP11A and DIN 50 CRV 4. Even the cross sections being manufactured are of a wide variety, ranging from 50 mm to 120 mm in width and from 6mm to 30 mm in thickness. Our company manufactures springs as per the design and specifications laid down by the vehicle manufacturers.