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Parabolic Springs

A parabolic spring is one which has the leaves bent into a parabolic rather than elliptical shape. It also has tapered leaves which flex in a manner which distributes the bending stresses evenly along the length of the spring. Parabolic springs typically have fewer leaves than conventional springs and weigh much less thus reducing the unsprung weight of the axles in a vehicle. In our parabolic springs the leaves are separated along their length to reduce friction. The reduction in unsprung weight and friction gives a spring with unsurpassed ride quality. A Land Rover fitted with our springs has a ride similar to a coil sprung truck.

Bineet Auto produces the entire range of Parabolic spring assemblies ranging from light commercial vehicles to very heavy vehicles, for use in domestic as well as export markets. We also has the capability to manufacture a wide range of parabolic springs used for small trailers to large heavy duty vehicles.
As a part of our larger vision, we are in the process of expanding the range offer to domestic and international customers to evolve as a single source for their diverse parabolic spring requirements.
Our products are supplied to both OEM and after markets. We have helped our customers around the world to establish and expand the business with a cost efficient investment.